After a fire, flood, or leak from plumbing problems, theinitial clean up and assessment of damage are never the only consideration. Water damage and mildew ruin floors, walls, carpets, and even ventilation and electrical circuits. After a fire, the massive amounts of water inevitably cause this damage. The same is true of floods and leaks. What is worse, a growing begins to emerge. It is mold, and it is often impossible to detect before it does its damage.

Mold works its way into wood and drywall surfaces, weakening walls, floors, and ceilings. It quickly becomes airborne, spreading anywhere moisture is found. It makes its way into ventilation systems, especially in homes heated or cooled through central air. The most toxic form, black mold, can cause respiratory injury, illness, and even death among family members and pets.

Luckily, companies that specialize in Mold Removal Lakeland offer safe, swift, affordable solutions. The benefits of Lakeland mold removal can be found in the list below.

A good mold cleanup company Lakeland will answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will be available for pre-arranged services as well as emergencies. To help with costs, some companies do not charge more for night or weekend service. Many homeowner’s policies cover some or all aspects of mold removal.

They will work to remediate water disasters of any kind and size, whether they are in an apartment, home, or business. They can accommodate mold removal needs on many floors of a home, and in multiple units of an apartment complex.

They begin by placing large, industrial strength dehumidifiers in areas where mold and moisture are present. They do this to force the indoor humidity of the living place below 45%. This helps arrest the growth of mold and dry out surfaces and furniture that can be salvaged and cleaned.

Next, they quarantine the molded areas on walls, floors, and ceilings by cutting off vital air. This is done with plastic coverings and adhesives. Mold removal experts are careful not to damage mold-free surfaces during this process.

Finally, all molded areas are either cleaned (when possible) or cut out, removed, and replaced. This ensures that even microscopic mold spores do not have the chance to take hold in areas adjacent to visible mold.

They will then bring in contractors to replace and repair areas that had to be cut out due to mold. Prized belongings are cleaned and made safe again. Ideally, the once molded areas of your home or business will look like new.

This total process involves much more than mold remover Lakeland. The full-service experience detailed above is called “mold remediation.” It is the most thorough, safest type of mold service available.